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Welcome to Myers Bodywork!

We offer a variety of hands-on therapies to address tension, pain or mobility issues in the body.

Therapeutic massage Therapeutic massage Therapeutic massage Cranio-sacral therapy Deep tissue massage Therapeutic massage facilitated stretching

Myers Bodywork is the private practice of Tamar Myers. Tamar has been in practice since 1992 and is a certified Aston-Patterner®. She offers comprehensive bodywork sessions specifically designed for each individual's needs. Sessions may include hands-on techniques such as cranio-sacral therapy, facial release, visceral or neural manipulation or deep tissue massage. Sessions may also include movement coaching, ergonomics or fitness consulting. These techniques target muscle as well as connective tissue (fascia) around the brain, spinal cord, organs or nerves and address movement habits and most sessions are a combination of techniques. Initial sessions include hands-on, postural and movement assessments in order to identify causal relationships in your body and allow Tamar to create a session that will best benefit you.

Click here to watch a brief introduction video presented by Tamar.

Please be aware that all sessions are a combination of the techniques mentioned above and do not consist of massage only.

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